August 10, 2020

Salesman tactics The Psychology Of sales – Business Ideas & Sales Tips


Salesman tactics The Psychology Of sales In this article, I give tips which can help you master the art of selling (sale). Be it any business idea, mastering the skill of sales is inevitable to success. Hence, ‘sales‘ is a term that matters if you are a business endeavor or a self-employed person. Your success is defined and dependent on our hard work and the way you sell.  Selling is actually a skill. if salespeople concentrate on the key areas of selling to make it better, it makes a big change in the overall income.  To master in sales you have to be thorough with 2 areas listed below

Salesperson is the most vital people in any business.Brian Tracy in his world-famous Book

The Psychology of Selling quoted thatWithout sales, the biggest and most sophisticated companies shut down.

how to improve sales performance

1) The wants and needs of the client

The salespeople need to do a fundamental analysis of client that why and how a person buys a product. Understand the psychology behind the buying decision of the client. The things that need to be considered are

i)  People buy things to get satisfaction.

Buyers need to get better physically, emotionally and even spiritually. Some times people buy based on emotions. So, you have to trigger the emotion first.  Just think about your self. You will have some emotional factors behind all the things you buy, that may be subjective or objective. For example, if we decided to buy a car there will be many personal reasons for us like color, company, model etc to select one among many. The product you have should have to meet human needs. It is important to the salesperson to analyze whether their product or service meets the needs like money, security, status/prestige, being liked, health, recognition, love growth, etc.

2. People buy stories instead of a product.

The specialty of the product should be presented to the client in order to make an impression in them. People don’t just buy the product because of its features, instead, the story behind the product or its uniqueness will attract them. Just like its Brand name, Limited edition, last piece, etc.

how to improve sales performance

2) Actions used by the salesperson.

There are several personal factors that affect sales. Like

1. Self-concept                                                                                                                                                                                        Salespersons ‘self-concept’ is important to success. If the salesperson have a bad impression about himself he will try to avoid situations or may make mistakes. Positive self-concept will help us to improve self-confidence.

2. Thoughts
Thoughts of a person will also affect his performance. A successful person thinks successful thoughts. So challenge your self-limiting beliefs and boost your self-esteem.

3. Goal orientation                                                                                                                                                                                            The salesperson must be goal-oriented. It will increase your interest in work and energy. Set a goal point that has to be achieved in each year, month, week and even in a day. Plan the activities that have to be done and the income you need for your better life.

The salesperson should be creative and should practice the way of selling before going to costumers. The seller should have a thorough idea on the product or service he is going to sell. You should
*Determine what exactly the product does for the customer
*Understand the areas that differentiate your product from similar ones.
*Find out which costumers will be benefited more from it
*Set the clear priority to potential costumers.

5. Steps for sales
how to improve sales performance. Don’t enter directly into the process of selling your product immediately. The salesperson needs to examine the situation, realize the problem of the client and make them also to understand it, and the try to solve their problem. To be best in selling your product or service yoi have to build relationships and develop trust in clients. Making a long term relationship with the client will help you to sell products easily and it, in turn, will improve your business. how to improve sales performance

how to improve sales performance

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