August 2, 2020



HOW TO HELP CORONA VIRUS INFECTED PERSON. Corona is a viral infection just like fever and cough. It became worsens in a small number of people, only when it is not properly diagnosed and maintained.

Almost 25 lacks of Malayalis are working in gulf countries. Only 50% of this have their own room and facilities or are living with their family. Others are living together in single rooms. they usually include 5- 10 persons in a single room. If coronavirus spread among these people the situation will be out of control. The common condition is that in a room only one or two need to go out for their job purpose in this present condition.


When they go out there is a high chance of getting interact with different kinds of people from different places. Frequent interaction with outsiders without proper safety measures is really dangerous. If anyone got infected from outside and started to show symptoms, the government will instruct them to stay at a room in isolation. This will make a big mental strain on both the infected one and their roommates.

what could we do in such situations?


This write-up is to describe the remedial strategies that you have to take during such a situation:

  1. Wear a mask, to reduce the risk of contact within them.
  2. The infected/ the person who has a doubt on infection, need to stay in an area where there is enough air circulation in that room (in a corner). If space Is near to the bathroom, it will be more comfortable. Others try to keep at least 1.30 to 2-meter distance from him. Most important is distancing is all for the physical area, not a mental distancing. a mental distancing will negatively affect the infected person. Never blame or avoid that person. Try to keep his mental state stable.
  1. While using the toilet, the infected person needs to avoid touching the door handle. others can open the door for him.  He needs to try to reduce the use of common spaces. Immediately after he had come back from the toilet, one of the roommates try to clean the space (strictly wear a mask). It can be cleaned by using a soap solution or a disinfectant solution. Try not to use the toilet for 30 minutes after cleaning it. This is the time for the chlorine to work against the virus.
  1. Clean all other vessels clothes and utensils used by the infected person in this same manner.
  2. be careful in handling the electric instruments used in your room.
  3. the virus will get worse in people who have, heart diseases, less immunity, and old people etc.. So, these people need to keep frequent contact with the nearest health center which provides corona treatment.
  • Eat healthy food
  • Stay safe

for more details WHO

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