August 10, 2020


Now all of us are sitting home without serious works. And we are also thinking about how to earn a high salary from home. An online job is a big opportunity that gives high profits. There are numerous fake sites and apps. So, most of the people are not ready to accept the idea of an online job.

Our lack of knowledge about this area is the main problem. Because of this, we are missing a great opportunity to succeed. Here gives a small description of the official sites. You can earn from 1000 to 100000 rupees by working from home. There are 3 ways to earn a high salary from home that can be followed.

1. Chegg India

If you have any talent, you can earn money by answering the questions they ask. Login to the Chegg India accounts and start your job. There you have to give your details. This is a very official site.

2. Captcha typers

It is apt for both students, working people and housewives too. We can earn money by typing words. A fixed number of words will be given and its salary also is fixed. It can also be done as a business by adding people to it.

3. Guru. Com

It is also for skilled people. Sign up the page and add your details. There are two options available- employer and freelancer. You can select what is apt for you. You will receive an OTP. Use the OTP to log in again. You have to give the correct information about your skills. There is an option to select your desired income too.

Don’t waste your time by browsing on your phone. Use time intelligently. Make money by using your brain


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