August 7, 2020


Studies state that about 50% of people in our society didn’t get enough sleep. Do you get enough sleep? It can be understood through a simple test.


  • Note the time when you go to bed.
  • Calculate the estimated time take to fall asleep.
  • Check whether you wake up in between. If so note the duration.
  • Note the time you wake up in the morning.
  • Note the total time you spent in your bed. Also the time you sleep.
The formula is:

Total time you sleep/ total time you spend in bed   X   100

-Value below 80- deficiency of sleep


In this lockdown period, people complain about a lack of sleep. Main reasons for this are,

  1. We are not tired when we go to sleep. So it has not become an important thing for the body.
  2. Increased tension. All news is about coronavirus and deaths.
  3. All of us have a holiday mood now. So people think that we have nothing to do by wake up earlier. Most of us will be late to go to sleep by watching TV or something like that. This activates the brain.
  4. Eat stomach full of food at night. It increases energy in the body and activates the brain
  5. Social distancing also matters. The loneliness we feel due to this also affects it.
  6. Change in lifestyle and sleep wake-up cycle is another issue.
  7. Family stress
  8. Increased screen time – This will decrease the functioning of melatonin that helps to rest our body.


  • Follow a strict daily routine
  • Switch off your mobile phone, TV, and light in your room before going to bed.
  • Increase day time activities.
  • Don’t listen to fear to generate news and other programs.
  • Bath before going to bed.
  • Reduce the use of alcohol, coffee or tea in the night
  • Relax your mind

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