May 26, 2020

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Business Blog  Elite Money Squad focuses on vibrant and enthusiastic youngsters who wish to succeed in the area of business. we provide latest bits of knowledge on financial management, economics, stock market, trade, Business knowledge, business motivation, business tips, and case studies of various business models. We explain this in a very simple and easy way through the business blog

Financial Management

Massie defined that “Financial management is the operational activity of a business that is responsible for obtaining and effectively utilizing the funds necessary for efficient operations.”
It is generally the acquisition and allocation of financial resources.


Adam Smith defined that “Economics is the study of the nature and causes of the wealth of nation.”
It includes the theories, propositions, and models about the way that markets process works.

Learn Stock Market

The stock market is also named as ‘Equity Market’ or ‘Share Market’. It is the accumulation of buyers and sellers of stock.

Business Knowledge

The knowledge about the way of handling business by understanding the nature of it. Also deliver ideas about different forms of business, management, organizing and regulating the activities inside and also about the business environment.


Trade means the transfer of a stock or a product from the seller to buyer in exchange of money.

Business Motivation

On the business blog The motivating quotes, facts, and information that will help business endeavors to be the best in their field.

Business Tips

The tips to increase the income of the business, to be an innovative, creative, and successful businessman. Includes tips to market your products, to effectively managing time, to invest money in the best manner, to be an expert, to provide best customer services and to get social outreach.

Business Model Case Study

The case studies of different business ventures that are already succeeded in the area.

business blog
business blog

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