August 2, 2020


We are going through difficult days in our life. Most of us are getting tired of simply sitting the home. Our time is getting wasted without any productive work. This is the time that we have to think about some productive ways to spend this lockdown period effectively. There are 10 best ideas to make these lockdown days productive.

10 best ideas to make these lockdown days productive

Here are some tips to spend your time in an effective way:

  1. Learn

Learn a new skill or new knowledge. We can learn offline skills like gardening, stitching and cooking from home. We can improve our language skills. And also learn everything under the world in online from websites like MOOCs. Other online platforms like unacademy, udemy, udacity etc.

  1. Polish your activities/ hobbies

Implement your hobbies. Execute your talent in your interested areas. be a master through trial and error method in executing your talent.

  1. Research on your business plan.

It is the best time to research and build a strong business plan. Learn to analyze data quantitatively and learn your area more deeply.

  1. Reading

We all know the importance of reading. But we are not giving much time for it. Reading is a skill and developing this skill is very important.

  1. Networking

Try to build a strong contact with other people. Mingle with others and include in group discussions. Make our relationships more strong.

  1. Watch informative documents and movies.

Try to watch TV, Netflix and amazon prime etc. This is both informative and entertaining.

  1. Start something online

Try to start your dream blog, youtube channel or something online.

  1. Focus on health

Do exercise, care on your diet and stay healthy.

  1. Intraday trading

It is one of the best ways to make a huge amount of profit by sitting at home.

  1. Introspect

Analyze our own life. Analyze the positives and negatives of our life.

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